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My Obsessive Love Of Lava.

March 16, 2011

Usually as I leave the bathroom I’m followed by a plume of smoke. The joke around here is that I bathe in lava. I’m not sure if the joke started with my ridiculously hot showers or the fact that I love volcanos and lava so much that it is on my Bucket List. It is not hard to guess that is when I went to Hawaii the number one thing on my list things to see.

We drove out to a spot on the Big Island called Kalapana Gardens were a flow broke out nearby on Thanksgiving Eve. We parked our car a few 100 yards away and walked out to the flow passing by tons of lava rock.

At first it looked like burning rock.

Over the course of a few minutes lava came flowing out.

It was amazing and I was pretty much on a lava high for the rest of the week. The fumes were pretty bad for us, but only because we weren’t use to being around them however they can be highly dangerous. At volcano national  part of the road around the caldera has been closed down due to toxic fumes. Even still it was an amazing experience.

Nature has so many amazing, beautiful wonders to see. Have you ever experienced something like this?  Or have you had an experience where nature has just blown you away?


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