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I Hate You Now What?

March 14, 2011

My neighbor J is one of the most annoying people I have ever met. I mean nails screeching down the chalk board with the ear piercing noise annoying. If he isn’t trying to sell me Amway every time I see him he is boasting about how his son made the association between water and pee than peed in his water gun… Yes…

Do you have any one like that in your life? You know that person who every time you see them you duck and cover. That person who calls you screen. That person who you would rather have all your teeth pulled without Novocain than talk to. Can you picture that person in your head? Good. Now come up with 5 good things about him or her.

5 positive things about J:

1. He  loves his son. So I may not agree with some of the things that he does as a parent, but he really tries to do the best for his little boy. He is proud of everything he doesn’t and I don’t think I have ever seen a man take more joy than he did in teaching his son to ride a bike.

2. He has a big heart. After Bug was born he pulled his son’s baby buggy out of storage for us. Than he brought over a DVD and a book to help our daughter learn to read. He may be annoying, but he really tries to help others out when he can.

3. This man can carry a conversation. There maybe times when I regret having the conversation because there is no telling where it is going to end up, but there are never those awkward silences. He really has mastered the art of conversation.

4. As far as neighbors are concerned he is pretty great. Living in an apartment has it ups and downs especially when the walls are thin. Never have I heard them through the walls or had to listen to their blearing music. They keep their place clean so no unexpected creepy crawleys show up uninvited.

5. When it comes to the things that he believes he is passionate and willing to stand up for it. Okay so maybe he thinks that the Space Needle is a downed space ship or that the government is sending us subliminal messages as we sleep but he is firm in those beliefs. In all fairness not all of the things he believes to be true are that out there. So in a strange way I have to admire him for sticking up for what he believes even when others are giving him shit about it.

That was kind of hard and very painful at first, but when I have to interact with him I just try to focus on the positive. It doesn’t make me want to be his BFF forever and ever, but it does take away some of the pain.

What are your 5 positive things about someone you dislike?

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