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Oh Yeah, I Can Dance.

February 21, 2011

My face is a bit red here. I’m a bit late in writing up this goal on my 101 list. About six months ago I started doing African dance class. Yes, it has taken that long to get my butt moving and write this.
Talk about a departure from my other experiences where you are actually required to stay together, fall in line, and remain uniformed with everyone else. Not in this class my friends. My teacher, Sarah Lee, says she would rather you “have fun than do it right.” And I have been known to jump around the floor like an idiot when I don’t get the moves. It is really freeing. Don’t get me wrong this has been kicking my ass. Usually I have to drag myself out of class each week.
The other benefit is that by doing African dance I’m helping to prevent dementia. Yep, it is the number one tool to help prevent the onset of dementia. It’s better than Sudoku. However my favorite part of the class is watching Karim, Sarah’s husband, dance. It is just beautiful.

I’m not exactly in this video, but just thought that you might like to see some of the people who I take class from.

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