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12 Ways To Change Your New Year

January 27, 2011

  1. Organize your paperwork: It is the start of the new year what better time than to get control of your paperwork? Get folders for your receipts, keep copies of all your bills, go through and throw out old stuff you no longer need. Keeping your paperwork together, updated, and organized may not help you with this years taxes, but when 2012 rolls around you will be on top of it.
  2. Reevaluate your resolutions: If you made resolutions great. If you didn’t you still can. If you broke them, well I wont tell. It’s time to look at your goals and seen what you really want to do with your year. Make a game plan and get going.
  3. Make a to do list: Take a few minutes and write down everything that you need to get done but have put off. Do you need to get a dress resized? Maybe need to fix that running toilet? Haven’t gone to the dentist in a bit? Write it all down. Whenever you have down time try to take care of one thing. No rush. No commitments, just try to get through it as best you can.
  4. Find what makes you happy: What would bring your life meaning? What was the first thing that popped in your head? What ever it is find a way to get involved with and make it happen.
  5. Do something for you: We often get lost in our jobs, our families, our problems and commitments. This year take a step back and in all the chaos find something that is just for you. Maybe a trip, start a blog, take a class…
  6. Do some New Year’s cleaning: Declutter your life. Clear out your closet, your office, your car, your house. If it has not been worn/used/needed it goes. Start your year with a clean slate.
  7. Remember that change is a process: Change doesn’t happen over night. There will be failure. There will be low points, but any goal that is really meaningful to you will have these. Just remember the end goal.
  8. Set yourself up for success: Break down your bigger goals into smaller ones and work towards your bigger goal by taking baby steps.
  9. Don’t put too much on your plate: When you try to do too much you start to spread yourself too thin. Instead focus on a couple of goals that you want to achieve.
  10. Get rid of a bad habit: Stop smoking, biting your nails, procrastinating… we all have one that we want to quit. Why not try to quit?
  11. Cut yourself some slack: You can’t be everything to everyone. Say no sometimes, delegate tasks, or just quit some activities. If you look at your calendar and you have rescheduled yourself room to breathe it is time to cut back.
  12. Give yourself a clean slate: For whatever reason a new year in most people’s minds is the equivalent to starting over. If 2010 wasn’t your year put it behind you. It is a new year; a clean slate. Psych yourself up and put the past behind you.

What have you done so far to change the new year for the better?

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