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Part 6: How To Keep Going

January 10, 2011

****This is an 8 part series about goals setting, developing goals, and how to achieve them that I will post every Monday in December and most of January. Click here to read part 1part 2part 3, Part 4, or part 5.

It’s 9:01 pm, the day before New Year’s Eve and I have been trying to get myself to write this post and of course it had to be on motivation. This series I have been excited to write. I had it planned, the feedback has been positive, and I love talking about goals, but there just comes a time when no matter how much you want to do something there is nothing that makes you want to act on it. Chances are right now you are looking at you list of goals or resolutions right now and thinking “maybe I’ll do this latter.”

You aren’t alone in this feeling, but don’t let it hold you back from going after your goals. Here are a few ways to break out of that motivation slump:

Baby steps: The biggest drainer of the motivation is looking at the big picture. Now I’m all about the big picture, but sometimes it is overwhelming and just looking at the goal as a whole is soul crushing. Instead stop avoiding and break it down. Recently I moved. The whole thought of moving, over Christmas, when it is cold was enough for me to reconsider my decision. However instead of focusing on the move I broke it down. First I needed to get boxes. Next find people who were willing to help paint. Decided what stuff could be packed first that we didn’t need. I set small goals by saying “today I’m going to pack x amount of boxes. Yes, they were small baby steps but they helped to get me going.

Talk about it: The more people who know about your goal the more likely you are going to want to accomplish it because no one wants to look bad in front of other.

Get a cheerleader: Find yourself a cheerleader; someone who knows you well enough that can give you a good, swift kick in the ass when you need it. Get a friend to join you. Create yourself an online support group. Maybe call your mom and talk about it. Some positive words can really do the trick.

Visualize it: I’m a visual person. When I’m trying to lose weight I make sure that I keep reminders around everywhere so that I remembered to exercise. I would keep my yoga mat by the door, keep the WiiFit out, make sure the tv was set to FitTV when I turned it on in the morning. Everywhere I looked I left visual reminders. It worked. Try creating an inspiration board

Google it: When I have a goal the best way to get me motivated is to remember why I wanted to go after it in the first place. Go online, pick up a book, or talk to others who have done what you are trying to do. Sometimes seeing and reminding yourself of the end results is all the motivation that you need.

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