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Why So Negative?

January 4, 2011

There is an overwhelming sense of peace and joy in the air today.  So much so that I can feel it penetrating my body. It’s an amazing feeling. It started this morning and now I’m knee-deep in it. Maybe it is that Christmas in the air, the Nutcracker music I downloaded today, the gingerbread loaf I’m enjoying, or the particular bright weather, but what ever it is I want this feeling to stay. Actually at one point this morning I felt the negativity coming on, but I felt the negative thoughts enter my mind I let the thoughts in and then let them keep on going. As if it was in one ear and then out the other.

How to let go of the negativity:

Look inside yourself: Take a good look around. How many are happy? The ones that always seem to keep a handle on things when something goes wrong. The one looking on the bright side of things. How many of your friends are pessimists? You know that person who can’t find happiness. That person who always has the drama in their life that “just follows me around.” Yes, it is that person who when they have a good think going suddenly something goes wrong. Take a good look to see if they are sabotaging their own happiness. Now take a good look at yourself. Which group would you fall into? The optimistic or pessimistic? Ask yourself why you do you see the world in a negative light?

Face yourself: Sometimes negativity can be driven by the seeing as being undeserving of happiness. If you don’t see yourself as deserving you will be driven by fear. Self worth doesn’t come from having the best car or the nicest clothing. It comes from inside. It comes from seeing yourself worthy of happiness.

Realize that you create your own unhappiness: How pessimistic is that? But it is true. We have the option to be happy. Now I’m not talking about depression, but look at someone who is miserable all the time. How often do they even try to see the good around them? They let the anger, fear, stress, worry and negativity in to themselves and after a while it is all they know. If there isn’t drama or something going wrong they aren’t happy. Remind yourself that YOU have the option to let go of the negativity. You don’t have to choose a life of misery. Shit happens to everyone, but is how you respond to it that determines how happy you will let yourself be. When times get tough let yourself express the emotions that you need. Get angry, cry, worry if need be, but learn to know when to stop. It isn’t easy, but the more that you can learn to understand what you are feeling and what is causing the easier it becomes to separate yourself from it.

Think of Play-Doh: Life is like Play-Doh: it is what you make of it. When you carry around negative opinions it’s largely you own energy that creates the negative future. Trying to see the bright side can be powerful.

Breathe: Take a deep breath and let go. As you exhale tell yourself ” I will assume the best and I will deal with the rest. I will release any old, unhealthy conclusions. I choose a new truth. My attitude creates my happiness. My positive attitude will bring more joy to my life.

What do you when you start to feel negativity coming on?

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