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The Things We Can Control

December 21, 2010

I have a friend who is staying with us and is slow. Well, slow is an understatement. She makes a sloth look like a fast-moving creature. R and I have clocked this girl more than once taking 5 hours to get ready. It seems much longer when she is monopolizing the bathroom and your bladder feels ready to burst. R just goes outside. What she does in those 5 hours is a mystery, but she does take breaks from time to time.

Now I’m a punctual person. I was raised that if you are 15 minutes early you are on time. Ms. Sloth drives me crazy. I have given subtle hints to speed up. Nothing. I have given her not so subtle hints. Nothing. And at least once I drove off without her. Nothing. There is nothing I can do to make her see how inconvenient she is being or much of our time she is wasting. She just says sorry and tells us that even her brother thinks you should take time to get ready in the morning. I’m so happy that I didn’t grow up in her household.

My attempts to speed her up are useless. I can’t control her or her actions. My attempts proved it many, many, many times. What I can control however is how I deal with it. Instead of waiting for the bathroom or my bedroom to open up I tell I need to get in and she usually moves out of my way. Sometimes I have to tell her that the time we have to leave is an hour before we actually have to go. I’ve also learned to accept that some things can’t be changed and my friends timeliness is one of them. There is no sense to get upset or lose my patience. Sometimes the only way a situation can be controlled is by controlling yourself.

How do you deal with uncontrollable situations?

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