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Old Stories

December 1, 2010

Trying to find inspiration to write today, but nothing is coming so instead I decided to dig through the archives of a blog I use to write for and found something I forgot about. So, instead on finding something that inspired me to write I decided to repost this story about Bug when she was about 6 months old.

Bug never fails to amaze me. After a week of great sleeping this week has become a nightmare. After showing all signs of being sleepy this morning nap time did not happen. It was time to get out, run some errands, and if all else fails pull out the stroller and push her to sleep.
Car rides usually knock her out, but not today. Oh, no not today there was a party going on in the car seat.
First stop Target. The party spilled over into the shopping card with a Bug smiling, spinning around and yelling “D-D-D-DADADADA!” Through the store. One father looked at my baby than looked at his toddler and started on saying “what a good boy you are today.” WTF? His boy might be quiet and still, but my happy little one was happy and having a great time. So I let her know how great was being. As we walked past the father Bug blew a raspberry at him. That’s my daughter. Around this point I noticed that she also had unhooked the belt strap on the cart and was now sitting sideways with her feet up. Yeah that’s my girl as well.
After checking out I went to the snack bar to feed her. We were almost finished with her applesauce when she started blowing raspberries. I hate this. I waited a few minutes and gave her another spoon full and thought she ate it. Oh no, not my daughter. She had it in her chipmunk cheeks and waited for a manager to walk by and blew it at him. Some ended up on his back side. By the time I got my jaw up off the floor he was gone.

Do you have any stories that never fail to  make you laugh when you remember them?


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