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38 Reasons Why You Are Awesome

November 26, 2010

You are awesome. Want to know why? Just fill in the blanks.

I love my ______________(insert a physical feature that you love about yourself).

__________(name of friend) complimented me on _________(compliment that you were given).

Would believe that I accomplished _________________ (what was your awesome accomplishment)?

I super good at _____________ , __________________, and ____________________ (insert 3 things you do well).

When ______________ (name of friend) needs a shoulder to cry on I’m always there.

I give ______________ (name of friend) amazing advice when she needs it.

Nobody knows it but I have a secret talent: ________________________________.

I am really good at ___________, _______________, and ______________ (do you cook, speak a language, are an escape artist?)

I have helped _____________ (another friend’s name) with _________________ (did you help them move, learn to drive, helped them with a crisis?)

Oh I also love about myself ___________, _____________, _______________ oh and I really love my ____________. (Add in 4 physical features about yourself that you love).

I feel awesome when I __________________ or when I wear _________________________.

Did you know I’m awesome because _________________________? (Did you do something, help someone, did you take in a stray, accomplished a goal?)

Because I overcame ________________.

And because I’m not afraid of ______________, ______________, or ________________.

My best personality traits are _______, ____________, __________, and one more for good measure _____________. (Don’t be shy).

Nobody knows this but _________________ (add in your secret thing that makes you super awesome).

Yes, I have accomplished a lot. Now I’m working on ____________________. (What goal or project do have going on.

Finally I’m awesome, amazing, and just plain great because:







How awesome are you? Please share!

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  1. November 27, 2010 3:14 am

    That is sooo cool:) Itsa great confidance booster:) Wonderful. Have a great weekend,sweetie

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