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Decorating For Thanksgiving

November 18, 2010

The Classy Thanksgiving:

When I think of Thanksgiving my mind goes straight to big, gold, ornate decorations. Why? I could never explain it. My Thanksgiving as a kid was clearing the piles of junk off the dining room table and eating slightly over cooked turkey. Good times. Somewhere along the way I built up the idea that this was what Thanksgiving should look like and was indulged one year when visiting friend. Gold trimmed plates, large turkeys, gold napkins. The works my friends. It was like I died and went to Thanksgiving heaven.

Crafty Thanksgiving:

Very simple, but you can tell that someone put a lot of through and time into preparing the decorations. It also screams family friendly to me. That is a big theme in my life. My every day thoughts are now “can Bug break this? Yes, she can” (Thought to the tune of Bob the Builder).

White Thanksgiving:

Elegant, modern, but could Bug break it? Oh yeah, she would.

Natural Thanksgiving:

I really love the down to Earth feel of these photos with the neutrals and greens spiced up with a bit of orange. It is a very understated elegant.

Eclectic Thanksgiving:

Personally I think I saved the best for last. Doesn’t this feel homey? And how about the cactus and gourds as candle holders?

How do you decorate for Thanksgiving? What would your ideal Thanksgiving look like?

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