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Blog Round Up

November 7, 2010

How was your week friends? Mine wasn’t very productive. Right now we have two quests at our house who are job searching. It’s been a long week of driving them around and taking care of a little on who may be coming down with a cold. It wasn’t all bad by any means. Bug is overjoyed with all of the attention and I’m welcoming the change in routine as well as learning how to have huge amounts of patience.

My week in photos:

Why does Bug has $5 on her head? I don’t know.

Bug decided to play chess…

…with her own set of rules.

The view from Ivar’s.

I met McDreamy.

Interested in living longer?

WTF has Obama done so far? You would be surprised.

This woman is amazing.

I want hair like this.

Success is a state of mind.

Things I need to remember to say more often.

Also, I’m trying to find bloggers or readers who would be interested in taking part in a Readers Choice and a Bloggers Holiday Shopping that I’m putting together. Please post a comment or e-mail at myreinventedlife@yahoo (dot) com me if interested.

What amazing posts have you read this week?


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