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Morning Meditation

November 6, 2010

Hello friends. Instead of doing another mediation today I would like to try something a bit different and work on positive affirmations.

We spend so much of our life conditioning ourselves to see the bad in ourselves. It may come in the form of telling ourselves that can’t do something, pulling ourselves apart in the mirror, or by listening to what some people might say about us. Affirmations combat that. They are used to rewire our brains. Remember the more we tell ourselves the good the we see the more that we will see it.

Like the meditations take some time to yourself and breathe. Focus on the affirmation below:

I am a wonderful person. A valuable person. A person who deserves real happiness. I see value in who I am.

Throughout the day keep repeating to yourself that you are a valuable person who deserves true happiness.
What did you think? Read more about this weekly post here

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