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Morning Meditation

October 30, 2010

Good morning friends. Did you like last weeks mediation? This weeks requires us to do something that we may not be use to: being silent.

Find a place where you can be alone. A quiet place where you can relax. A place where you can hear your thoughts. No TV, radio, or voices in the background. This is time for you. Be a bit selfish and step away the chaos of the day and find time for yourself.

Sit for as long as you need to relaxing, reflecting, mediating on thought. Don’t allow negative thoughts to steal your time. Only focus on the positive. No matter how small it may be try to find at least one positive thing in your day and let that fill you.

When you come to a good place start chanting your affirmations out loud. Maybe just chant words that you want to carry with you: love, bliss, happiness, peace, trust, respect, self-control… Chant the words that have meaning to your.

Finally turn on song that reflects how you want to feel. Something calm, happy, energetic, relaxing… Let the song fill you. Recharging you. Setting the tone for your day.

Have a wonderful day friends.

What did you think? Read more about this weekly post here.

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