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Halloween On The Farm

October 26, 2010

Last year I remember looking out the window of our car as we drove past a farm with kids running around picking pumpkins. I looked back at than 2 month old Bug, who was asleep in her car seat, and thought next year that will be us. Finally next year came and I scoured the internet looking for farms, weighing my options, and finally deciding on Jubilee farm in Carnation.

Getting out of the car I couldn’t tell who was giddier me or Bug, who was shaking with excitement. R was less than thrilled. He is more of a let’s stay at home and work on programming projects. He quickly warmed up.

Bug ran up and down the rows of flowers and watched the pigs who were munching on pumpkins. About every half hour the workers would catapult a pumpkin through the air and kids would chase down the pieces to give the pigs. I could see Bug watching the kids and thinking “next year that will be me.”

How to pick a pumpkin according to Bug:

First it is essential to taste each pumpkin to narrow down the selection.

Next you need to check all the sides and underneath to get a good shape.

Next the pumpkin must be sat on. If it doesn’t make a good chair it doesn’t come home.

When the perfect pumpkin is found it is very important to help the person who is cutting the stem. In this case Bug is sitting on the pumpkin to hold it down while R cuts it. You know how those silly pumpkins are. They love to float away.

I think I was a bit of a kid in a candy shop with the hay rides (one of the wagons was pulled by horses), the pony rides (aww, next year, maybe…), the corn maze, the fresh pressed cider, and fresh veggies on sale.

Is it just me or does this look a bit like Cinderella pumpkin that turns into a carriage. Hey, I might be the self saving princess, but I do love a good fairy tale!

Before we left R got a roasted pepper. Now when it comes to spice R is no wuss. As a matter of fact he carries around a bottle of hot sauce with him and I swear I once saw him think about adding it to a bowl of cereal. Well, this particular pepper he was given had him is sweating after the first bit. He tried to tough it out, but let’s just say he lost the battle. With that it was time to go. Bug fell asleep in the car on the way home dreaming of pumpkins.

Do you have any Halloween traditions?

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  1. December 6, 2010 1:02 am

    Perfect. I will share this with my girlfriends. Many thanks.

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