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Morning Meditation

October 23, 2010

Lie down on your back with the small of pressed flat against the floor and your legs spread about a foot apart. Let your arms fall by your side with palms up. Now take a deep breath.

Close your eyes.

Rest your body.

Calm your mind.

Let your heart be at peace.

Close yourself off to the worries of the day.

Exhale letting out all the negativity, stress, and pressures upon you. Inhale slowly through your nose.  Let if fill your lungs and chest. Slowly expanding your belly.

Hold your breath for a few seconds than let it out slowly though your nose letting out all the toxins.

Repeat this a few more times.

Allow this meditation to relieve tension and improve your concentration.  If you like focus on your mantra. Something that you want to focus on during the day. Maybe staying calm, remaining focused, or focusing on a more personal goal.

What did you think? Read more about this weekly post here.

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