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100 Ways To Reinvent Your Life Part 4

October 20, 2010

This is part 4 in a 4 part series on how to reinvent your life. Visit here, here and here for the first three.

76. Be charitable: Give what you can to others, because you never know when you will be the person in need. If not for karma than because it feels good.

77. Give credit where it is due: One of my former teachers told me to always give thanks to those who worked under me because out them the bonuses, the promotions, and the awards aren’t possible. When I became a manager I took on a team who never not got credit. When a Regional VP came to visit and I gave credit to the supervisor and a specialist that worked in my department they were stunned. The VP praised them. When they asked why I said what I did all I could tell them was that I didn’t do what I was getting credited for and I expect them to do the same. After that they never worked harder. This story isn’t about how to get employees to work. No, it is about remembering those who helped. It’s about giving credit to those who deserve it. It’s about bringing a bit of brightness to someone’s day.

78. Be an advocate: Speaking out for and standing up for something that you believe in is important. It gives a sense of accomplishment. A sense of doing something important. It’s a way to find meaning.

79. Give yourself permission not to be perfect: No one is perfect. No one can be perfect all of the time. Believe me some may seem perfect, but they aren’t. There is a saying about the grass being greener on the other side. Remember that when you see those so-called perfect. Learn to love your flaws in all their glory, but please don’t try to be perfect. It is a fruitless pursuit that will only drive you mad.

80. Love yourself: You are a wonderful person. Find your best qualities and remind yourself of them when them when you start to feel down.

81. Celebrate your successes: Whenever you meet a goal or reach a milestone reward yourself. One of the best ways to stay motivated to reach your goals.

82. Challenge yourself: Dream bigger, go further, just push yourself. Make your goals big and don’t fear them. You never know what you are able to accomplish if you don’t push yourself to get there.

83. Challenge your ethics and beliefs: It’s easy to have them, but when you are faced with an ethical or moral dilemma how will you fare? Have a friendly date with your friends. Read about the other side of the coin.

84. Prioritize what is important: The last thing I want is to look back at my life and realize that what I spent years chasing wasn’t the important. Honestly have money and power is impressive, but to me my family and the things I believe in are the most important to me. Sometimes you need to reflect on not just what you want, but what you need. Make sure you make ample time for them.

85. Stop judging: It is so easy. In one look you can tell everything about a person. Know that they are a horrible parent, a slut, an idiot, or that they are trouble. Problem is that what we see is about .001% of what is actually happening. For example when my Bug was about 6 weeks old I took her to Subway. While there I gave her a bottle. The man behind the counter proceeded to go off on me about women who don’t breastfeed get cancer. They deserve to get cancer because they are lazy. On the way out another woman stopped me lectured me about breastfeeding. Now I believe that how people feed their kids is up to them. They make the best choice for their kid AND themselves. However being sleep deprived and now pissed I had to let both of them have it. I did breastfeed. The milk in the bottle was breast milk. Bug was drinking milk that I had frozen because I had an infection that I contracted after giving birth and now was on medication. The infection was sever and I had to take the medication however the medicine had sever effects on breast-fed newborns. With that I walked out. Really, it’s easy to judge but if you have ever been judged remember how that feels.

86. Apologize: I never said this list would be easy, but sometimes it helps to apologize. If it is something that you are sincerely sorry about don’t bottle it up. The apology could help both sides move on.

87. Take care of yourself: Girl (or boy) you only go one chance at this life and one body to do it in. Take care of yourself. Take care of your health, your happiness, your body, your desires.

88. Set goals: We all need something to look forward to or work towards. Without goals we are just blindly walking around on this big, blue marble.

89. Screw the norm: Just because people tell you how to look, or feel, or act, or who you should be doesn’t mean you have to. Screw them. They are the people who were too afraid to be themselves. They are the people who denied what they wanted, what they thought, and who they were to be what others thought they should be. What kind of life is that? Figure out how to be who you want to be. It might not be simple or easy at first, but in the end it is worth it.

90. Have a set of beliefs: It doesn’t matter what you believe in just believe in something. Anything really, but there is a comfort in having beliefs. Really it doesn’t matter what you believe in God, karma, love, the goodness of man kind, or that the moon is made of cheese. Beliefs are personal. They make you who you are.

91. Balance: This is something I really believe in, but life is about balance. When we live in the extremes we are all over the place. Think of it this way for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If you throw an apple in the air it will at some point come down. For example I’m haven’t met anything filled with sugar that I don’t love. I splurge. I gain weight. I freak and cry and diet. I step back on the scale. I lost weight. Good for me, but I’ve been deprived of sugar and spurge.  My mom is always broke. She gets a bonus at work, she’s happy than goes out and blows it. When the bills come she is busy freaking out. Without balance we keep going on a never-ending cycle of up and down. Balance helps to find a center. It stops that up and down.Get a mentor

92. Make a new friend: New friends are fun. They can expose us to new things, new people, and new ideas. Why not try finding a new friend who has a quality that you admire or want in yourself or someone who partakes in a hobby that you want to do.

93. Meditate: This is time for you. Those few stolen moments where you take time to chant, pray, get focused, say your affirmations.

94. Tell your family and friends what they mean to you: Have you ever told them? Have you ever thanked you mom or dad for raising your right, being there for you, or just making the food you like? Trust me, being a momma is hard. I live for my babies kisses and hugs. Have you ever told your friends why think they are awesome? Think about how you would react if someone told you what they think is great about you? Would be amazing if your friends could feel that?

95. Take time for the little things: When you can take time to appreciate the small things that happen during the day (beautiful sunset, the shirt that you wanted was on sale, you found an amazing new restaurant, you got a great parking space, etc…) they soon add up. Seeing the beauty in everyday things is one of the first steps in sustaining a happy life.

96. Stop surviving and start living: life wont get better tomorrow if you don’t make it better. Don’t go through life like a zombie waiting for retirement or your numbers to come up on the lottery. Try finding the areas you need to change to have the life you want and then act on it.

97. Eat Breakfast: What? How will this change my life you may be asking. Well friends do you start feeling tired, lazy, lacking motivation by lunch time? It’s because you skipped lunch. It doesn’t have to be fancy maybe cereal or an apple just eat something. I use to pack cereal or oatmeal to eat at work while reading my e-mails. It made a difference.

98. Eliminate the unimportant: Is there not enough time in the day for you , the things you want to do and that you want to get done? Try eliminating the unimportant things. Turn off the TV, cut down on the amount of time on the computer, delegate chores or do whatever it is that you need to do to eliminate that is eating up your time.

99. Make faster decisions: Not everything is a huge decision. What kind of cereal to buy shouldn’t take as much time as which house should I buy. Sometimes you need to be decisive and make quick decisions.

100: Be happy.

So friends that is my list on how to reinvent your life. What do you think?

Want to see the rest? Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

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