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How About Throwing An 80′s Night?

September 30, 2010

Go crazy, layer some socks, and break out your side pony tail. It’s 80’s night. Now call your friends over for some totally rad fun.

Why not:

  • Watch Footloose, Breakfast Club, Petty In Pink, or Back To The Future?
  • See how many times you can can work “Barf me out”, “Bitch’n”, “illn”, “mondo”, or “gag me with a spoon” into a conversation?
  • Wear parachute pants, headbands, and jellies?
  • Paint everything neon?
  • Be “to legit to quit”?
  • Dance to New Kids On The Block, Olivia Newton John, or Blondie?
  • See who can do the best Madonna impersonation?
  • Have a rule that the only topics of conversation can include events of the 80’s? (Hey, like did you hear about the Poltergeist curse? or “Did you hear that new, Bitchn Prince song?”

Have you ever had an 80’s theme party? What did you do?

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