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We Survived A Year!

August 16, 2010

Bug’s birthday has come and gone. Best of all it went by without that much hassle. We gave people the information they needed for the hotel and informed them that we will not baby and/or dog sit or pay for train tickets.

Although it took her a bit to get use to everyone since she quickly started to realize that they were their for her and took advantage of it. Tricking people into giving her milk and getting them to help her walk around.

Our biggest surprise was that Bug’s great grandma was able to come.  She kept telling the story of how Bug was at her 90th birthday party the year before and now she was at Bug’s first birthday. Granted I was 9 months pregnant at the time, but we are her only family in Washington and this is her first “grand baby.”

The day was beautiful if not a little hot, but we decided to wait until 1 pm for the party when we knew that the cloud layer would burn up. Dexter, the dog, came to visit. Bug went wild trying to “pet” him. Unfortunately for Dexter, Bug uses her feet as hands. If he wasn’t neutered before he is now.

Why is it when I’m trying to get a cute picture of her smashing a cake on her face Bug gets all dainty and licks the cake, but when I’m trying to feed her on any other day we come away with carrots in her ears and green beans in her diaper?

So, I did over do it with the cakes, but in all fairness I was trying to feed 30 people and was using 9″ pans. I also didn’t account for the large amount of people who decided to go gluten-free and go for the watermelon over delicious cake. Seriously, two kids (yes, kids) turned down cake for a watermelon. Who are these children and what planet did they come from? After two days of baking people could have at least sucked it up and eaten some sugar and only one cake had food coloring. Oh, well. The strawberry cake was my favorite so more for me!

What I have learned:

I can’t control everything: Shit happens. There are things that are outside of my control that just can’t be changed. The weather will do what it wants and babies will cry. Sometimes you just need to say to yourself “this to shall pass” and go on with it.

You can’t please everyone nor do you have to: Yes there were complaints. The bathroom was to far away. There was too much sugar in the cake. It was too sunny (prior to that we had picked a bad day since it was too cloudy. Hey, its Seattle. It’s expected!) The complaints went on no matter what suggestions or solutions were offered. But they were all from the same people who were complaining. Finally I had to just let go and realize that they were just unhappy people and there would be nothing that would satisfy them. Their goal was to make others as miserable as they are and they weren’t going to effect me.

Time marches on: Bug has changed a lot in the last year and sometimes I would love to keep her that tiny, six pound baby that I brought home from the hospital. At last this will not happen. Bug will continue to grow. There is no stopping it. I must learn to live in the present and not dwell in the past or worry about the future.

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  1. August 17, 2010 11:13 am

    Those cakes look amazing. Will you bake me those for my birthday? How long did it take you to make all of those, Super Mom?

    • August 17, 2010 8:14 pm

      lol. Super Mom I am not. It was a frustrating 2 days of baking, but I did call in the reserves: my boyfriend’s mom who worked in a bakery.

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