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Eating My Way Through My 101 Things: Crab Pot

August 15, 2010

Sometimes I feel that fate is trying to tell me something. Usually I try to ignore it unless I know it is going to turn out wonderful or delicious. This time it turned out delicious.

Years ago when I first came to Seattle I walked by this restaurant that was packed to the gills and had a long waiting queue outside to boot. I kept on walking. The whole time thinking about what could be so great about this place? Fast forward to last year when R started talking about this place called the Crab Pot. We had to go. Than it showed up on Man vs Food on the Food Network. We saw that episode no less than 3 times when his parents came to visit and asked where they could take us for his birthday. “The Crab Pot!” He cried. So, that is the story of fate and The Crab Pot.

The crab pot is famous for their Seafeasts. It is bucket of food that they drop on the table and you just have at it. Or in other words R’s dream come true. We ordered the The Westpoint which came with crab, corn on the cob, mussels, clams, potatoes, prawns, and spicy sausage.  Words fail me on how delicious it was, but let me put it this way. When we left it was 2 hours after Bug’s bedtime, but she was so happy eating that she didn’t care.

Yes, we stood in line for 90 minutes. Yes, I would happily do it again. Is there any place that you would stand in line to wait to eat at?

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