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6 Impossible Things

August 13, 2010

Alice in wonderland has once again filled my thoughts. Saying I love it would be an understatement, but I do. After watching Tim Burton’s version last night  (Mia Wasikoska as Alice was wonderful) my mind was in a tailspin. The costumes, the backdrops, Johnny Depp…. I digress. What kept running through my mind was the quote about doing impossible things. More specifically “Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” What a wonderful thought.

The next morning after the movie had the night to turn in my mind I started to think about all the impossible things that I wish I could do when I stopped and said to myself “self, you have done many wonderdful impossible things.”

“Really?” I asked myself back. (My mind works a bit more like the world of Wonderland than I sometimes care to admit).

However I luckly answered my own question by thinking “give yourself credit! You have done many things. Stop obcessing over what you haven’t done and relish in what you have.”

Now that’s a though and promptly I set off on imagining at least six impossible things that I have done and I did this all before breakfest.

So here is my. A list that I will remind myself of when I fell unacomplished.

1. Sailed around the World.

2. Sat in an audience and listened to His Holiness the Dalai Lama

3. Broke a World Record

4. Overcame my fear of speaking in public.

5. Overcame my hatred of the kitchen and learned to bake. This is a big one for me.

6. Worked back stage at a Chanel show.

That was pretty painless to do and really made me feel much better about myself. What would you include on your list of 6 impossible things that you have done?

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  1. August 13, 2010 8:13 am

    These are definitely great accomplishments. I’m a huge fan of the zombie walk and baking.


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