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Bad Poetry Corner

August 12, 2010

Welcome to a new segment that I like to call Bad Poetry Corner. I will add some of my poetry from time to time when the mood strikes. These are some haikus that I wrote last night. I hope they cheer you up as much as they did for me!

Oh little baby
Why are you chewing my sock?
My foot is now wet.

You yell for Dada
to change your poop diaper.
Where is he? Damit.

Starring at the plant
The cat is on the prowl. Shit.
I need a new plant.

Growl, hiss, ha, DDDD.
The noises my daughter makes.
They kind of scare me.
Time for me to sleep.
My daughter has other plans.
She must be physic.
The cat is now prey.
The baby strikes fast.
She bites his tail.
Up, down, food, play, no
The little baby needs to
make her mind up fast.
The baby is now
chewing the cat’s paw. Ewww.
That is really gross.
The baby on TV
is laughing. My baby
is screaming. Not fair.
Give me potatoes.
Yuck, YUCK! They taste nasty.
Wait, give them back. Now!
Thank you, Thank you. Do you have any poetry to share?
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