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Zombie Walk World Record

August 8, 2010

It’s official Seattle is the Zombie loving capital of the world!!! Go us. It’s something that we are proud of. Maybe we should add it onto our brochures and travel commercials. Wait, do we have travel commercials? If we did I would picture it would go as such:

Several of our more famous us residents would be showing off the sights: the Space Needle, Pike Market with the fish throwers, the first Starbucks, etc, etc, etc. Suddenly there would be a close up on someone dropping their cup of coffee and screaming (close up on the cup which I would assume to belong to Starbucks, Seattle’s Best, or Tully’s.) Zombies (again may include some of famous now zombie residents) would now be shown invading the area. From here there would be more promotional junk and it would all end in everyone dancing to thriller.

My mind is a lot like Wonderland infused with a Lady Gaga video and painted by Picasso, but sometimes with Zombies. Side note: I am very proud of how my mind works especially since likes of Tim Burton and Lady Gaga are not only socially acceptable, but loved and adored. It is a great positive reinforcement to someone who was once considered a bit off by her High School peers, but I digress. Where was I? Oh, zombies. Yes.

We broke the World record for the largest gathering of zombies. There were 4,233 zombies according to the official count by the Guinness People. The day included a fashion show, a group dance to Thriller, a walk of the city, and some the random zombie shenanigans.

I like to think that we make a very lovely zombie family.

Not all zombies are bad. We do take time out to support a good cause.

It seems the zombies have gotten to Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital, er, I mean Harborview.

Even zombies need to look both ways before they cross the road.

Not everyone there liked the zombies. Some were there to stop the outbreak.

What World record would you like to try to break? Or have you broken one?

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