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Memory Triggers

August 7, 2010
I found myself lately doing a lot of thinking about the past and finding this being triggered by many things. I might hear a sound, see something, or usually smell something that takes me back to someplace. A few days ago I was screaming KISS FM and Ryan Seacrest was talking about smells as well. More precisely he was talking about the secant of sunscreen and how it reminds him of vacation. It really got me thinking. I walked into my bathroom and pulled out various body sprays, perfumes, and other smelly things and had a great walk down memory lane.
1. Peach body spray: When I was young I was a pageant girl. It started at the age of 7 and continued until I was about 16. Somewhere during this time period there was a couple of years where every weekend I was at a pageant or dance competition. Sometimes twice a week. Was it fun? Sometimes. I loved pageants, when it comes parents and pageants it is another story. No matter how hard they try to say they weren’t my mom and grandma were pageant moms.
How the smell of peach got associated with pageants isn’t clear. Many of the moms sprayed their perfume on their daughters, so there were a bunch of 10 year olds that smelled like they were in their 40’s. I think it was the hair product. They usually had a fruity smell to them. Forever I will think of pageants when I smell peaches.
2. The smell of the ocean I think everyone has a memory attached to this smell, but mine reminds me more of friends, travel, adventure…. In 2004 I lived on the Explorer and traveled the world for 3 months with Semester at Sea. It was by far one of the highlights of my life. The smell floods me with memories of standing on deck searching for land. Renting a small boat to take some of my friends to Koh Sammet and almost getting stranded in the process. Sitting by the harbor in Cape Town eating pizza at Saint Elmo’s Fire… Oh the memories are endless. I could lose myself for hours thinking of my friends I made, the countries I visited, and what I learned about myself.
3. Brazilian Nut Shea Butter- This one was a surprise. I opened the pot of shea butter and inhaled the aroma and was taken back to being a RA at Clarion. It has been years since I went to Clarion University, but my time there was spent moisturizing  with this  stuff between trips to the bar and late night RA rounds with my closets friends.
4. Angel- California round 1. My first stint in lala-land I fell in love with Angel. Those days were full of my first taste of being on my own in a new state, fashion, and late nights in the sewing studios at FIDM. Being a poor student I wasn’t able to afford the real thing so I took to the streets and stumbled upon a very good knock off in the garment district. $5 vs $80 hella yeah!
What smells remind you of something?
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