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Planning Baby’s First Birthday Round 3: I Need To Do What?!

July 28, 2010

Bug’s birthday is rolling up faster than I had hoped and with last weeks trip to Portland, and unplanned EEG, and some unexpected adds to the guest list I’m rushing to do everything that I put off. Thank goodness for the internet and all its help. Yeah right. I feel even less unprepared and with all the searching I’m doing I’m starting to wonder if everyone online is either hiring professionals to do their party or have all transformed into Martha Steward? The themes are elaborate, the decorating is at the level you would expect to see at the coronation of the queen, and there are the gift bags.

Here are some last-minute things that I never thought about.

The smash cake– Usually a smaller cake that is especially for the guest of honor. This isn’t something that I thought about and really am not to excited about. Considering I have to make three cakes already (I have smallish pans and have to accommodate different eating choices). Instead I will be using a slice of one of the cakes or a cupcake made from left over batter.

Smash cake clean up- I’m still impressed how Bug can get food I feed her in her ears, belly button, and in her diaper. I’m afraid of letting her eat her cake on her own. The mess will be epic. My solution is to go to lay down many towels, bring back up clothing, and strip her to her diaper for the cake. Since we will be outside at a park a squirt bottle of water will her with the clean up.

Games: Argh, really? Games? How about put the diaper on the baby. Actually I’m in stating this game starting the moment the first guest arrives on Friday and it will go until the last one arrives on Sunday. Yes, this will do.

Okay, so if you need some ideas for the adults at the party try these:

The memory book: I’m already planning a big 18th birthday gift for my baby: a hope chest full of her life story. I plan on adding to this at her first party by asking people to write in a memory book. They can write her a letter, add their favorite memory, or put in it whatever they like.

The big box: My baby loves boxes full of toys and spends her day looking for anything she can open so that she can take everything out. Fill a box or two full of toys for any of the little ones at the party to play with. It can be any random thing that is child safe, but something they will have fun pulling out and chewing on

Gift Bags: At this age they aren’t really needed. There are very few, inexpensive things that are safe for babies to put in them and what do you add to them if there will only be adults? Alcohol and chocolate? Instead try a thank you gift instead. Print out a photo of your little one and pick up some inexpensive frames to hand out before each family leaves.

So, wish me luck. Bug’s birthday party is Saturday.

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