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Enter The Hats

July 25, 2010

Rich people and their sense of fashion I will never understand, but none the less I can enjoy it and giggle. One of my favorite events in fashion also happens to be the social event of the year in the UK: The Royal Ascot. Yes, it may be a horse race but that fails in comparison to ladies’ day when the whose who of whose who parade around in hats that out do some Halloween parties that I have attended.

Hope it wasn’t windy. Imagine the air she could get with this hat. Hmm…maybe she would let me barrow it…

Some of these seem a bit heavy.

A lego hat! Don’t tell R it may give him way to many ideas and that’s the last thing I need.

Mmmmm, chocolates. Yes, please. Thank you.

I just love it. Crazy hats know no age range.

Where do I sign up for this? Maybe next year. I’m thinking a giant merry-go-round that turns or a giant hat that hold coffee instead of beer with straws.

What kind of hat would you wear to the Royal Ascot?

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