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Awesome Things To Do This Summer

July 18, 2010

The summer has officially started. Time to get out and enjoy the weather or if you are in Seattle like I am keep your fingers crossed and hope that the sun stays out. Here are some ideas to get you moving this summer:

1. Make popsicle: Get some juice, fruit, popsicle sticks, and ice cube trays. Pour juice in tray, add fruit chunks and freeze. Simple, wonderful, refreshing. Get creative and make some delicious combos. Mango juice with Bananas? Apple juice with kiwi? Strawberry with blackberry? Maybe adding something more unusual like chocolate chips?

2. Go on a picnic: Gather your favorite foods and go outside. Grab a blanket, head to a park, and enjoy the day. My favorite things to take are a loaf of bread, drip, and some drinks.

3. Go biking: Give up the car for a weekend and pull out your bike. Great for the environment, wonderful for your spirit, and even better for your waistline.

4. Guerilla Art: Pull out some chalk, find a sidewalk, and have at it. Draw a picture or leave an inspirational message. Put some good karma out into the world.

5. Read a book: My favorite thing to do on a nice summer day. Do it at a park, out front of your house, under a big tree, in a tree, or in a pool. I loved sitting in the hot tub and reading for hours, well, when I lived in an apartment that had a hot tub.

6. Go to music in the park: If you have a park near you chances are there are some kind of activities going on during the summer. Grab your lawn chair, a cooler, and your dancing shoes and head out to support your local musicians.

7. Start a garden: Get out there and plant some flowers, fruit or herbs. No space? Start a community garden. Do you rent a room? Try an apartment garden Or do you have a black thumb like me? Try Urban Garden Share it links people with the space for gardens and no know how with people who love to garden and have no space.

8. Road trip!: There is nothing that says summertime more than the road trip. Even if it is a day, a weekend, or the entire summer get your friends together and drive off into the sunset. Be sure to stop at truck stops, road side attractions, and great random spots. When you get back make sure to brag to everyone that you saw the World’s largest ball of yarn. Get started planning here and here.

9. Photo scavenger hunt: Create a scavenger hunt of things you want to see around town or create a hunt of things for your friends to find. Need a little help? Try for some fun ideas.

10. Visit the zoo: Hang out with some penguins, polar bears, and wolves for the day. Take your camera, a sketch book, a child, or a camera and record what you see. Turn that into a scrapbook or a movie to remember the day. Or make up stories about the animals with a child.

11. Draw: Take a sketch book and go outside. Draw what inspires you. A cloud maybe? A flower perhaps? Your neighbor getting the morning paper in his underwear? Maybe not…

12. Cloud watch: When I was young I loved looking at the clouds and making up what they looked like. Take time to relax and watch the clouds go by or laugh with a friend over the different creations you both see in the sky.

13. Tie Dye something: Pick up a tie dye kit from a local craft store and go wild.  Tie dye shirt, pjs, pants, wall hangings, cloth grocery bags, baby clothing, car seat cover…. The sky is the limit.

14. Roast marshmallows: Who says this is only for camping? Have a bonfire or pull out the grill. Time for s’mores!!

15. Rollerblade: If your really good have a disco style dance off on wheels.

16. Walk your dog: Take a path you normally don’t or take a trail in the park that you always wanted to but never had time to do.

17. Create your own You Tube series: Remember Lonely Girl 15? Sounds difficult but all you need is an idea, some friends, and a camera. Create a story and film it. Use your house and local places as the set and your own wardrobe for styling the characters. Have fun and go wild.

18. Water balloon fight: Perfect for a hot day. Get some balloons and fill with water.

19. Fly a kite: Want to make it more creative? Try making your own.

20. Pick berries: Many local farms will let you pick what they grow for a small fee. Pick the berries and then than make something with them. Maybe a pie or a fruit salad?

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  1. July 21, 2010 4:33 am

    I love going to the zoo, and you listed my three favorite animals to visit.

    Roasting marshmallows means smore…yummy!

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