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Baby’s First Birthday Round 1: Crap There Needs To Be A Theme?

July 16, 2010

Yesterday I was going through some of my regular blogs and came across a post on His Boys Can Swim that got me thinking. Bug’s first birthday is approaching at a rec

ord pace. Just thinking about it is, well, it’s driving me a bit nuts. On one hand I’m thrilled. She’s getting older and watching her explore the world is beyond anything that I can put into words. It also means that we get to do more “meaningful” things. Going to the zoo is no longer me trying to point out the animals while she grabs my nose or sleeps. She gets excited. She can also understand games and participate. On the other hand my little one will no longer be a baby but a toddler, and although she has got the toddling down she is still a baby. This is the point where my mind twists and turn and does back flips thinking about her growing up. Although I love to daydream about the trips we will take, what her interests will be, and am actively saving for her college fund I want to to stay little. I want her to babble at me with her “words”. I want her to get confused when she sees R using his blue tooth to talk and she thinks he is talking to her but doesn’t understand why he isn’t looking at her. I want her to still laugh when I tell her that her butt is stinky while changing a diaper or when I tickle her and “look” for M&Ms in her bellybutton. I want, I want, I want. I want a lot.
The other thing weighing on my mind is the party itself. Family and friends are driving in from out of state. Some plan on staying with us some understand that we have a two bedroom apartment that we share with two nervous kitties. I’m putting aside all of this and trying to figure out what to do for Bug’s big day. My original idea was Alice In Wonderland, but when my sister-in-law threw a similar party that I can not come close to comparing to I decided to put that idea on the back burner for a few years from now. Here are some ideas that I found while searching online.

I’m thinking about doing a Teddy Bear picnic since Bear is Bug’s other nickname. What would you do/did for your little ones first birthday?

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