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Something About Determination

July 14, 2010

My family has told me that they have learned to never underestimate me because when I set my mind to something I do it. Truthfully I don’t feel that this is 100% accurate all the time. Usually I would call myself a slug watching TV or reading. My To Do list is never done. Than again what I do pack into that list is pretty nasty. Eww, cleaning out the fridge. Who wants to do that? Not me thank you! It is just something I don’t want to do. Now my daughter that’s another story.

Watching my daughter I am almost drained of energy. She wares me out just watching her go through her daily routine. At 10 months old she is learning to walk and can get anywhere pretty fast by holding on to something. Add to that she crawls, jumps, and can now stand up by herself and well there isn’t much that she doesn’t try to do.

Yesterday I sat and really watched her try to stand up. It isn’t easy for her and she is still learning how to move her legs into the right position, but after a bit of struggling she got to her toy box, stood up and pulled every toy out. My mind started turning. Yes, Bug gets frustrated, yes she gets mad but she always accomplishes her end goal. Given that it might take a few days, but she gets there. R and I usually stand by to kiss her boo-boos when she falls, but keeps encouraging her to go on and cheer her victories.

Isn’t it funny what children can teach us about life? Her drive, her determination is constantly overcoming her obstacles. Time for me to be a bit like Bug.

Oh, and just a side note she did make it to her toy box and ended up falling in. Picture two feet sticking straight up in the air. Didn’t bother her one bit. Although she was upside down she now had the toy she wanted and was happily chewing on it.

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