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Happy Solstice

July 5, 2010

The people living at the Center of the Universe (aka Fremont, WA) march to the beat of their own drummer. On a side note that same drummer throws the parades. Along with the 100,000 other people lining the parade route the boyfriend, Bug, and I were there to celebrate the Solstice.

Unfortunately for us we didn’t bring couches to sit on like many of the parade goers, but not to worry. Not only was where we were sitting on a corner near awesome coffee shops, but one block away there was a Theo Chocolate Factory who happen to love to give away samples. Lucky for them sampling chocolate is one of my talents. And I may or may not have stuffed my face with curry coconut and chi chocolate.

The naked bikers take the street. Hmm, maybe next year. Maybe not...

What a spa day.

A new way to look at trash. Time to update the wardrobe!

Need a hug? This group is in the parade to give away as many free hugs as they can.

Yes please! I would wear this everywhere: grocery shopping, doing the laundry, sleeping...

Any unique way to celebrate things  in your area?

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